Why Deer are more deadly than Sharks!

Why Deer are more deadly than Sharks and Downtown could be the safest place of all…

Deer PictureWhen people think of dangerous, fierce animals they rarely picture the Deer or even the Hippopotamus. It boggled my mind when I learned that a person is 26 times more likely to be killed by a deer than a shark. Perception and reality are rarely running on the same track. Otherwise one of the most feared movies of all time wouldn’t be Jaws, but Hooves or Hippos.

Animals More Likely to Kill YouI’m not writing this piece to convince one to go in the ocean more or venture out into the wilderness less. My goal is to reveal that bowing to perceptions can have adverse affects. As a redeveloper, I am continually hearing from a perspective downtown resident that they don’t live or come downtown due to the safety factor. They remain content where they feel safe. I cannot dispute that people feel safer and there are probably fewer visible challenges.

My argument goes back to the relationship of the deer and the shark. While downtown can be perceived as scary, the truth is getting in a car and driving more as one does greatly increases one’s chances of injury or even death in a car accident.   Their flight from perceived danger has actually increased their chance of injury. It is hard to believe, but true…deer are more deadly than sharks and downtowns are probably the safest places to be.Cafe Pic

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