10 Steps to Turning Fear into Fascination.

10 Steps to Turning Fear into Fascination.

A formula for transforming scary places into places that excite the imagination.

rsz_central_park_by_night_1Every “character” town or town with character has scary places. We think of them as back alleyways, dark streets or public parks rarely visited. Many of these places were once thriving or had a special something that allows people to say “remember when {insert name here} was full of people”. Over the years, through neglect and urban flight these places fell into disrepair and became scary places. Luckily for you we’ve developed a simple and easy recipe on how to begin the transformation from scary zones into centers of amazement and intrigue.Back-Alley
A great way to get people excited about revitalization and ways to bridge the seemingly impossible gap between the before and after effects of redevelopment is to present the steps that were taken to go from zero to hero. Here are a few starter suggestions on getting the turnaround story started.

  1. Find a scary place in your community, usually a place that “once was”
  2. Brand it by giving it a name: Great names come either from a historical context or something organic that makes the place unique and different.
  3. Begin to tell the future turnaround story of this place. Look into the history to help with creating a legend. This gives the place a bit of depth and allows there to be a timeline that people can pass on.
  4. Bring in unique lighting features to add safety, security and a sprinkle of mystique.
  5. Introduce cool features like street furniture, landscaping, hardscaping and paint.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  6. Invite artists to install a public art piece. This will be the anchor which will attract visitors.Baltimore-Love-Project-Mural-498x270
  7. Throw an event to introduce this new place. Make sure to include before and after photos and stories of things experienced along the way.
  8. Watch and see how the seeds of this effort grow. The story you were predicting begins to take shape.
  9. Find a scary place in your community, usually a place that “once was”…
  10. Repeat steps 2-8.

This isn’t where the story ends; much more is needed once these steps are taken. This is a quick and easy way to the transform fear into fascination; good things take time and from here ideas evolve and fascination turns to action as more of the community begins to take notice and get involved.

Check out Summer’s blog here, to read about her personal expirence.

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