Five Reasons to Live Urban

Five Reasons to Live Urban

Urban living is a simple concept so we’ve tried to package the idea into 5 reasons we live urban.  Life’s not always like that, but when you live urban it boils down to a few basic principles that have improved our lives.

Reason #1: More Free Time

NYC-Parks-people-at-the-pondThe average American spends almost 50 minutes driving to and from work everyday.  That’s about 8 days a year.  If we made the decision to live in the urban core closer to work we might gain a week out of our lives back every year.  I’m not sure if you can put a price tag on that since time is one thing we can’t get back once it’s gone.

Reason #2: Urban Saves Money
infographic1000-2The average suburban resident spends 25% of their income on transportation, while their urban counterpart spends around 9-15%.  That’s a savings of around $6,000 to $10,000 a year for the household income.    That could afford someone an extra $60,000 on a traditional home mortgage.

Reason #3:  Urban is Green

Driving less, walking more, using less waste and living in a pre-existing part of town is a start to living a more sustainable lifestyle.  The average urban home uses 20% less water than the traditional suburban home and if you live in a loft it can be as much as 40% less.  What I call a village density, not the condo canyons most people think when they consider higher density actually saves green space because the same amount of people live on less land.  If you drive less, there are fewer emissions and other waste.  There are others, but I must move on.

Reason #4:  Urban Reconnects you Back to the Community

CoffeeShopWhen you reenter the urban realm, you start to see the community in a different light.  Uses aren’t separated and a more diverse world opens up.   It might seem different at first, but one truly does get an authentic sense of where their community came and where it’s going when you get back to the roots of where the heart of the community lies.

Reason #5:  Urban is Healthier

Jackson-Speaking-660x439Driving less = Walking more, which if nothing else increases your level of health.  Once you’ve broken that seal, most people look at other ways to be healthier.  Most downtowns have farmers’ markets now which not only helps with buying local, but eating healthier improves you overall health.

These are just a few, but very important ways that living urban can help you improve your health, wealth and overall quality of life.

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