Renovating From Scratch

Renovating From Scratch

IMG_2496 photo (22) photo (21)It seems an oxymoron to  renovate something from scratch I know, but one morning walking to breakfast we were talking about our new model home at William Square called Ty Bach.  While our home is being built from scratch, many of the finishes and materials we are using are salvage and were used in other historic places like the Princess Issena,princess a historic hotel once located on Seabreeze Blvd.  Kelly’s father, Dennis, also had an old window from an estate home on the Halifax River that we will be including as part of our living room.  Bringing back classic materials
helps tell the story of where we have been and add a bit of character to an otherwise new 3 (5)

Jane Jacobs, the mother of rediscovered urban planning, always said great places have a good mix of old and new buildings.  New buildings breathe life and style into the city while the historic old buildings provide visual and emotional landmarks that anchor a neighborhood in space and time.  Combined these two themes provide the eclectic vibe that make our historic downtowns so interesting and cool.ty bach 1

Whether we are trying to create retro spaces or vibrant hip cities, it is critical to have this mix of old and new.  The old and new juxtaposition shows the evolution of a place and gives one the feeling of timelessness. This mix also invites the creative types to add their unique style, which promotes the sustainable nature of the place or space.


For vendors who specialize in the retro look:


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