The Secret Menu

The Secret Menu

Clandestine clubs or organizations have always been a subject of controversy. It seems unfair when only a small group of people are allowed to partake in what appears to be something unique or special. However, being on the inside can make one feel special, especially if there is a hidden code or secret handshake. In fact society has these secrets littered throughout our culture. For example, there is a meal at McDonalds that isn’t listed on the menu, but when you go to any McDonalds in the United States and order the All American Meal there is never a question as to what it is. I gotta say I feel special when the small burger, small fry and small drink come out and people say to me, where is that on the menu?Mcdonalds

The All American Meal
is a hidden item that is available to those who know to order it. There are other secret menus out there that are available to those who put in the time and effort to earn it. This is one of my favorite aspects about being part of a downtown with great local spots.   For those who take the time to frequent these local establishments there are secret menus all over the place. Almost every local restaurant has special items tailored to their most loyal customers. Over the years my frequent stops have their own secret menu tailored to my particular tastes.

When Ronin first opened, my favorite dish was the Rice a Ronin. Over time I had them add chicken to this fried rice meal. Because it was my special concoction rather than calling it the Rice a Ronin with Chicken, it became known as the Jack a Ronin. This culinary invention actually made it as an item listed on the menu…I was so proud!Ronin

My secret drink at Sweet Marlays is honey tea. It sounds complicated, but it’s basically iced tea with honey in it, again not listed, but they make it special for me. Almost every Saturday I order the All American Breakfast Burrito at Avocado Kitchen…also not on the menu.

There really is no secret to having a secret menu. When you are part of a community the menu is developed around the personalities that make that place special. The more you frequent your local spots, the greater the chances of getting your own special menu item.

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