An extra week a year?

How would you like an extra week a year?

I know this intro questions sounds like some infomercial gimmick to “lose weight the easy way” or an “amazing stain removing kit”, but it’s not.  I’m just suggesting a rarely considered concept to save a week’s time out of every year.

gas_pricesSetting aside the fact that gas prices are high, there is a second benefit to living closer to a downtown commercial centers and that is time spent in the car getting to and from work.  If I just isolated the event of driving to and from work out of our weekday routine the average American spends over 40 minutes a day getting to and from work.  In most urban areas you are within 5 minutes of your workplace which would be a total of 10 minutes a day in the car to and from work.  That 30 minutes difference translates to 120 hours or five 24 hour periods. ..That’s a full weeks’ vacation!

Thinking differently about how we orient our lives can lead to additional time, enjoyment and quality of life with our friends, family or getting away to do the things we want to do.  Not to mention I have only included just the drive to and from work, not the other tasks that living disconnected leads to.  What does a week’s vacation worth to you?


In Downtown L.A., a Housing Revival

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