Neighborhood Re-formation

At the corner of our WC Grand project in the Lenox Park neighborhood you will see a column. This cornerstone on Grandview and Braddock represents more than just a collection of coquina blocks, mortar and now concrete. If you drive through the Lenox Park neighborhood you will discover similar columns scattered throughout sometimes prominently displayed and other times hidden behind foliage. For the casual observer these appear to be random structures, but 100 years ago these iconic columns were the gateways into the Lenox Park neighborhood. As growth occurred, new streets were platted then poured making way for new residents. At that time, these columns welcomed the new pioneers to the neighborhood.

IMG_0230When we took over the property after the Grandview Apartments were demolished in 2007 the column at the corner was in horrible disrepair missing its capstone as well as chunks of the side were missing. It was recommended to us that the structures be removed, but we knew a little re-forming the columns could help not only restore the structure, but also help us in signaling a new day for what used to be a derelict part of this historic neighborhood.



Re-forming a neighborhood icon with a new capstone is a message that a corner has been turned. The re-formed columns will never look like the original, but I like to think that we have added a bit of creativity and flair signaling a new era for future generations who hope to be part of this core area reformation and who will want to add their own signature additions to these great places.

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