The Sweetheart Trail


Retropolitan July 2016-02The upcoming ribbon cutting of the Sweetheart Trail signifies a few things for this area. Since our area is steeped in history, the Sweetheart Trail begins to tell an important piece of our maritime story. The trail is named after the famous yacht owned by early Daytona Beach philanthropists Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burgoyne. Built on City Island during the late 1890s, the Sweetheart was used for cruising the Halifax River.

Sweetheart Exterior Burgoyne YachtFrom Bill McCoy and his rum running days, to the lavish lifestyle that Charles Burgoyne enjoyed on the water, the Sweetheart Trail weaves its way through our local history. As one meanders throughout the trail, historical markers will help inform the pedestrian passerby the history that Daytona Beach has and began on its waterway.

The Sweetheart Trail also begins to promote our need to connect the community with more pedestrian and bicycle paths. A great multi modal community is one that offers a mix of ways to get from point of origin to the destination as well as many interesting places in between.   I predict the future will open up many more city trails connecting the beach to downtown and even out to One Daytona. Join us Thursday, July 14th at 5:30pm behind the City Island Library and stayed tuned for more exciting trail news.




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